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How to Take Screenshots of Telegram Secret Chats and Self-Destructing Photos on Android 2023

How to Take Screenshots of Telegram Self-Destruct Photos

How to take screenshots of Telegram Secret Chats on Android? How to save self-destructing photos on Telegram? By default, Telegram disables screenshots for “Secret Chats” and self-destructing photos on Android phones. Whenever you take a screenshot in a Secret Chat, the other user will get a Telegram secret chat screenshot notification, and you’ll also see the warning on your end in the conversation thread. Don’t worry, this article will guide you through the possible ways to take screenshots on Telegram. Keep reading to learn how to screenshot Telegram self-destructing photos and save Secret Chats photos on Telegram.

Changing the Telegram Settings to Take Screenshots of Telegram on Android

  1. Open Telegram, then go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Passcode Lock.
  2. Enter a four-digit PIN or tap on “PIN” and select “Password” to choose a more secure alphanumeric password.
    Passcode Lock
  3. Confirm the PIN or password you created.
  4. Enable the “Allow Screen Capture” feature, and you will be able to take Telegram screenshots.
    allow screenshot

Using Recent Apps Section to Take Screenshots of Telegram Secret Chats

  1. Open the chat on Telegram of which you would like to take a screenshot.
  2. Now press the recent app button, where all the recently used apps get displayed.
  3. Screenshot the Telegram chat quickly and then close the recent apps section.
    Take Screenshots of Telegram Secret Chats

Using a Camera or Another Phone to Screenshot Telegram on Android

  1. Pick up another phone or a camera and point it at your phone screen.
  2. Take a picture of the Telegram self-destruct photos on your screen.

Using Xposed to Enable Telegram Screenshot Capturing on Rooted Android

  1. Root your Android device.
  2. After rooting, install and open the Xposed installer.
    Xposed Installer
  3. Tap ☰. This is in the top left corner of the screen.
  4. Tap Browse modules to find the Re-Enable Screenshot Module to download it.
    Re-Enable Screenshot Module
  5. Restart your phone. Once your phone finishes restarting, the Re-Enable Screenshot Module will be installed.
  6. Launch the Re-Enable Screenshot Module on your device.
  7. You can view all the apps installed on your device in the form of a list. Tick the checkbox next to the Telegram app to use the module in Telegram.
  8. Now you can disable flag secure with Xposed Re-Enable Screenshot Module to enable screenshot capturing on your rooted Android.


The above four methods will help you take screenshots of Telegram Secret Chats and get Telegram self-destructing photos recovered. We suggest that you use the first method to change the settings on your Telegram app. If you also want to monitor Telegram messages, we recommend that you use iKeyMonitor. iKeyMonitor is a powerful spy app, in addition to capturing screenshots, it also monitors text messages, phone calls, social chat messages, and more. Sign up and start monitoring!


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