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Facebook Spy for Mac 2023

Facebook spy for Mac is a piece of spy software targeting the Mac platform that can be used to monitor all of your activities on your computer including the keystrokes, passwords, websites, chat conversations and more.

Main Features of Facebook spy for Mac:

  • Record keystrokes and passwords typed on Mac
  • Record web pages viewed in IE, Firefox, Google Chrome
  • Record chat conversations in Skype/MSN/AIM/Adium
  • Track screenshots of the Mac at a certain interval
  • Track the IP address of the target Mac
  • Remote viewing logs by Email or FTP
  • Invisible and automatic monitoring

What activity does Aobo Mac Keylogger record on Facebook?

With Aobo Mac Keylogger, you can not only record the posts, comments, messages you typed in your Facebook, but also help you keep track of the user name and passwords of the Facebook on the target Mac even if the password was typed in hidden mode.

Because Aobo Mac Keylogger is able to log the URLs of websites visited online, you can know all Facebook pages viewed online via the recorded logs.

If the user chats on the Facebook website, you can see the keystrokes typed on Facebook websites which includes the Facebook chat messages sent. The messages received can’t be recorded if the user chats on Facebook websites.

Last but not least, the Facebook spy for Mac tracks the screenshots of the Mac, so you can know more information by the desktop activity screenshots. The time interval can be set by yourself in advance, so it is better for you if you want to catch more activities happened on the target Mac.


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