Use Android Phone Spy App to Track Your Employees

Looking for an Android phone spy app to track your employees? Smartphones are widely used in different fields of our life. Many employers supply workers with smartphone devices in order to help them work more effectively. But how could you make sure that they are working or just goofing off during working time? Some employees do things unrelated to work with mobile phones when their boss asks them to work outside. You cannot stay with your employees all the time, so how will you deal with this situation? Installing a spy application for Android on their smartphones must be your easiest and best choice as well to monitor all their activity during working time.

Employee Tracking Is Really Necessary and Important

As can be seen from the above situation, employee tracking is really necessary and important for the growth and success of a business. Android phone spy app is the best spy app for Android which is well-designed for all smartphones. It can be used to monitor and record all things that your employees do on their mobile phones secretly and automatically. The mobile phone spy software provides you with powerful logging features that you can know everything happening on the phone. So how does the Android application help you track your employees on their phones?

Get Control of All Activity of Your Employees

The hidden spy app for Android records all text messages and calls sent and received on their mobile phones so you can get the information about what they talk with others, whom they talk with and how long they talk, from which you can figure out if your employees are working or playing during their working time. All websites visited, pictures viewed, videos watched on the mobile phone will also be recorded clearly by iKeyMonitor. So if your employees use their phones to watch videos or pictures, or surf the Internet instead of working, you will know what they are doing right now! And all things you do in the social network such as Facebook also can be logged to let you know, since many people like to spend whole hours on Facebook. With iKeyMonitor spy app, you don’t need to worry anymore. Besides, all instant messages, email activity conducted on their phones is also under your control, which can avoid the leakage of private and important information.

In addition, another useful feature for tracking your employees is that the mobile phone spy app can track the location of your employees by tracing the GPS. This best employee monitoring software offers GPS tracking features to help you know the exact location of your employees in real time. Therefore, no matter when and where you are, you can quickly get control of all activity of your employees after installing Android phone spy app.

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