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Wan Amzar
Sunday, July 14, 2019 @ 01:04:51 am

My name is Wan Amzar.My phone is Huawei Nova 4e.I feel comfortable, because the system makes it easy for users. I know from youtube. Getting iKeyMonitor installed on my daughter’s device made my life much easier. This app helped me to keep a check on the activities of my daughter and correct her when it was necessary. I even blocked some online sites and hazardous games which according to me was inappropriate for my daughter. This is a good choice for modern parents who keep worrying about their children. I would recommend this app to all those parents who are always worried about their child’s online activities. Here’s a problem with the keystrokes. Because I can not figure out what he wrote.

The features I love about this ikeymonitor, I get to know who she is chatting. The second feature, I can see pictures and screenshoot in his phone. The third feature is that I can make pictures and sound recording After that, I found out who she was calling and could hear the call recording. The feature I love is that I can see whatsapps him without being detected and can see what she wrote.The app is great. I have already recommended this to all my friends that have kids. it’s a great way to ensure family time is uninterrupted. the bedtime timer feature is another great one, that way they aren’t texting or playing games all night. and any issues get fixed promptly through the live chat feature in the app.

Finally, I’m very happy to use this system. I love this system because it’s easy to use and not too hard to handle. I congratulate ikeymonitor for making this system perfectly and concise.I really like to use this ikeymonitor .


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