Download iPad Spy App

iKeyMonitor iPad Spy App is a spy application that monitors the activities on your iPad including SMS, Keystrokes, Passwords, WhatsApp, Websites, Screenshots and etc.

With iKeyMonitor iPad Spy, you can know everything happened on the iPad.

  • Auto-start and stealthy Monitoring
  • Keystroke and Password Logging
  • Call History Logging
  • SMS and WhatsApp Recording
  • Safari Web History Tracking
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Periodical Screenshot Capturing
  • Secure Log Sending via Email/FTP
  • Remote Monitoring Status Changing

Why to Download iPad Spy

iPad Spy aids to take care of business

iPad Spy is a necessity for those employers who equipped their employees with smartphones to promote their business. With the assistance of iPhone mobile spy app, managers can know what their workers texted, who the subordinates called, whether their employees achieved targets by making calls. And then proper actions will be taken to improve employees’ productivity and prevent information leaks.

iPad Spy helps to spy family with permission

Not only does marital infidelity can lead to divorce, but also suspicion and distrust can destroy a relationship. And the sad truth is that lack of information causes suspicion easily and a collapse of the relationship eventually. Now, after installation of iPad Spy, people can end their suspicions and know where their spouses were if their spouses spent more time outside.

Note: you can only spy your spouse after your spouse allows you to do that, or you may break the native laws!

iPad Spy assist to monitor children online

Online criminals involved with children have not being fresh things for days. iPad Spy will also facilitate concerned parents to know what the kids’ social life is by viewing the SMS sent and received, typed keystrokes and visited websites. If you detect there is something abnormal about your child, you can take appropriate steps protect them.

Whatever the reason is, for example, people want to use iPad Spy to keep a lookout over someone they are suspicious about, iPad Spy is always the solution. iPad Spy software which enables people to get the answer they want, take care of their business and protect their family is undoubtedly a useful tool to make life easier.